I bought this desk at a consignment shop back when I was living in California and had not a lick of furniture. I loved the whole look of it except for the brass hardware on the drawers which wasn’t my taste, so I decided to replace them with green knobs from Anthropologie…which I never felt matched the desk once I put them in place (that was about seven years ago!). Recently I was looking at our guest room desk which we acquired second-hand (white with small white wooden drawer knobs) and decided to try the green knobs there to add a pop of color:

And love it! It’s such a tiny change but it always makes me happy to have little home tweaks work out. Now I just need to find knobs for that other desk- hopefully within seven years. ;)


Last year I posted a picture of one of the clutter-attracting spots in our home that I needed to de-clutter and organize. Well, it took several months and then some but it’s done! Here’s the before:


Looking at this nightmare almost makes me lose the will to live. This was a classic case of “things put in place when we moved in and never touched again”. We hardly ever use the alcohol and it was driving me crazy every time I looked at it! Finishing The Nesting Place in January gave me the drive to clear that desk once and for all, so I made some space in one of the china cabinets and stashed it out of sight.


This is the charging station for everything so a spot to stash the cords was paramount! Luckily that basket arrived with fruit in it at Christmas, just in time to be repurposed. ;)DSC_1354

(St. Jude is looking out to make sure the hopeless clutter stays at bay.) The HatchPrint I won in a giveaway from Sarah and I thrifted the frame for two bucks!


Next up was this sad catch-all area in our family room. Get a good gander at this space and never feel bad about a mess in your home again. ;)IMAG1140

This whole room is still a big question mark to me. Most of our furniture is mis-matched and some pieces are purely functional (not so much pleasing to the eye), which I’m okay with since it works for this time in our life, but it makes decorating and furniture placement a challenge!DSC_1397

I’ve since placed the lamps elsewhere in the room…my focus here is on the yardsticks. :) I have a friend whose house looks like it invented Pinterest- seriously, I’m always left in utter awe of the amazing DIY projects she has completed! Anyways, I was admiring the display she made from yardsticks for her kids’ art and felt a glimmer of hope that I could actually replicate it when she explained how simple it was to make.DSC_1399

DSC_1402I used the basic cheap-o yardsticks, stained them with some stain I found in our basement (not a big difference since the color was pine), spray-painted the Bulldog clips, attached them with a glue gun, and used leftover Command strips to hand the whole thing on the wall.

We also (finally!) hung several pictures around the house over the weekend…all little things but it feels so nice to see bits and pieces of the house come together and look more organized. That’s all for now. :)