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0309161247-2I’m closing in on 30 weeks pregnant so spring style is like some far-off wisp of a concept, however, there are SO many pretty dresses out there for spring and summer that I’m content just browsing and sharing my two cents. ;)

A long-sleeved maxi dress all in one print sounds like a bit much to me but this one just works AND it’s a wrap dress to boot –> nursing friendly!

I’ve never owned a shirt dress but this one seems to tie classic and modern styles together just right. Gap has a shirt dress too that comes in several colors and prints- for me it’s definitely on the short side so thankfully it also comes in tall for those of us with not-perfect thighs, and little kids running around. ;)

When I see a dress like this I enter please give me all the lace dresses ever mode. Seriously, so pretty and feminine! (But that price- ouch!!) This one of a related style comes in different colors than above but the price is a lot more pleasant.

Also, eyelet. (A bit pricey tho’ for Old Navy- I’d definitely hold out for a sale.) This one is very similar with a different neckline- I’m loving the blush color!!

I’m usually drawn to dresses with A-line/ fit n’ flare silhouettes, however last summer I saw a beautiful Jacquard shift dress that I could not get out of my head. I ended up finding one on e-Bay and will now welcome shift dresses to my closet with open arms  hangers. How pretty is this one?! Alright, and this one too. Ooh- and one that’s cute and sporty.

Something about white and blue together makes me think of fresh, warm, easy-breezy days. Isn’t this dress lovely? It makes me want to buy a one-way ticket to Greece.

A simple linen blend tank dress looks so perfectly easy for summer.

And relaxed stripes…don’t ever, ever stop.

Ah, dresses. I know they’re not the most convenient for every lifestyle (ahem- breastfeeding) but so much prettiness. :)