Quotes are my jam. I’ve often felt I can relate to Moses in the Bible with his faltering words; time and again I’ve found a quote that either wholly relates what I couldn’t articulate or is exactly what I needed to hear in that moment (I’ve squirreled away pages and pages of copied down quotes over the years. ;) ).

The other night I came across a perfectly timed quote by St. John of the Cross (from this book). His words were written hundreds of years ago, yet they apply so well to today- specifically to the the tricky beast of social media. Specifically the effects I’ve noticed it can have (on me).


In these days of likes, friending, un-friending, comments, re-posts, following, un-following, numbersnumbersnumbersnumbers…it’s so easy to get caught up in the emotional roller-coaster of it all. Elation and dejection? CHECK! I wish I could say that for me social media is a tool used to keep touch with family and old friends and to connect with new internet friends…with only feelings of happiness and contentment, right? But comparison, pride, and jealousy often sneak in there along side the browsing/ reading/ updating- what have you.

His words on detachment are definitely food for thought!