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I swear the transition from winter to spring has got to be the most expeditious of all the season changes- we’ve had snow, then really warm, sunny days only to be followed by more rain + snow mixture. Driving around I’m seeing blooming daffodils, pink blossomed trees, and the forsythia are a bright contrast to the rest of the bare landscape. Not that I’m complaining- stay forever, beautiful spring!- but I just feel like I was languishing in February winter-mode and then time jumped ahead (ha- literally with DST!) to the the middle of March and suddenly spring/ end of Lent/ Easter prep all seem to be staring me in the face!0310161557-2 0310161557a-2

This is Evie's Lenten calendar which has been filled out this way since...the 29th of February. I couldn't convince her that the Lenten season didn't follow the daily calendar. ;)

This is Evie’s Lenten calendar which had been filled out this way since…the 29th of February. I couldn’t convince her that the Lenten season didn’t follow the daily calendar. ;)

Evie is growing by leaps and bounds; I’ve begun shopping here and there for the next size up (6) and the other day I was starting to stress when I noticed her leggings were unmistakably high-waters…then I checked the tag and saw they were size 4 (oops! but phew!). This new size, though- I’m not so much a fan of how pre-teen-ish some of the clothes are! Kids who wear size 6 are still little, clothing retailers!

I had some luck finding her some clothes on thredUP but was a little less than impressed when they arrived and a few of the pieces were bigger sizes (7, 10-12), and some non-returnable- these were things that showed up when I used the search parameters for 6-6x. :-/ I definitely need to keep a closer eye on what I put in my cart next time!


On St. Joseph’s feast day we went to a breakfast with the Easter bunny. I tried to get a picture of Heidi with her cute pigtails but as usual my efforts were futile. She glimpses a camera and immediately makes a move to look at what picture you’ve taken- vicious circle. ;)

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My dad joined us and the girls had a lot of fun spending time with Gumpa…my camera battery was dead when I pulled it out so a few snapped phone photos of the girls are all I could muster.0319161119a Heidi was NOT a fan of the Easter bunny- she clung to Tim and stared that cottontail down any time it came near her (can’t say I blame her).


This is an Audrey-ism I don’t want to forget: a few weeks ago Audrey walked into the living room while Tim was hanging pictures- sometimes we overhear her in “story mode” or having make-believe conversations with her toys…well that day story form must have carried over because she said out loud, “Dad what are you doing, she wondered?”. :)


Have a blessed Holy week!