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There are so many great options out there for coloring pages for kids (thank you, Pinterest!) and while we’ve made use of some Lenten ones this week I especially love this little Triduum visual aid for kids…although I guess I should check with my girls on what they think since I printed it for them. ;) At any rate- neat visual aid for Holy Week!0323161347-2


I found this in-depth look at family traditions (including general to-do list and liturgical prep) for the entirety of Holy Week super interesting and even picked up some simple ideas for dinner on Holy Thursday. Like most posts of this nature the author stresses that each year’s traditions look different with the ebb and flow of life, which is always a good reminder.

A funny aside- last year I attempted to make a special Holy Thursday dinner with liturgical flare (Matzo, grape juice, and I forget what else) but Tim was still working and the girls were all too young to appreciate my heroic efforts so it was a bit of a flop. Then this year Tim came home bearing a large and in charge Costco leg of lamb as an option for Holy Thursday dinner and my first thought was if you’re working that night I am NOT cooking that monster roast!! However, as it turned out HE selflessly prepared it for Sunday night dinner but since it took extra, extra long to reach the right temperature we didn’t eat it and now have a main course ready for tomorrow, so my liturgical dinner efforts can be minimal this year. :)


And here’s a tip from a loafing crafter for completing liturgical crafts with multiple steps- start it one year, don’t finish, stow it away, and then have minimal work to complete when the season comes around again!


Ta da! Resurrection scene one year in the making ready and waiting for Easter Sunday. (And I love how you can tell which girl colored which pieces. ;) )

Hope you’re able to observe Holy Week in the way that’s best for you this year.