In the past sickness in our house has left me feeling many things- overwhelmed? You bet. Worn out? Yep! But new depths have been reached- this veil of sickness that has been hanging over our house lately has me feeling positively, absolutely smothered.

+ About three weeks back Heidi was injured and had to be taken to the ER. I won’t go into the details of it all (she’s fine now!) but her injury required medical attention at least twice a day for a week+ and…

+ That was followed by all three girls coming down with something (allergies? cold virus?) that lasted a couple of weeks and with that comes the usual- administering elixirs, running the diffuser, constantly wiping nose faucets, more laundry because of said nose faucets, poor napping, cleaningcleaningcleaning…nothing major but boy it all starts to snowball.

+ Evie spiked a fever the weekend of Palm Sunday and then the other two followed suit later in the week.DSC_1433

+ Heidi woke up from her nap on Holy Thursday with a fever above 105°(!). We battled her high fever through the night; our brand spanking new thermometer was giving me readings as high as 106° and nothing lower than 102.4°, even after applying every cooling measure I could rack my brain for. I was one stressed mama- I was afraid of being negligent about such a high temp but didn’t know what the ER could do for her besides poking and prodding, especially since her only other symptom was congestion and a nose that wouldn’t stop running!

+ Thankfully we made it through the night and were able to see our family doctor on Good Friday–> diagnosis: Sinus infection. (I am so grateful we were able to see him as he is so thorough, and he put me at ease when he said it’s important not to only fixate on the number- you need to look at how your child looks to you.)

+ Yesterday Evie and I were both visited by a GI bug…which has to be up there in the history of worst timing because TODAY I was scheduled to do the 3-hour glucose test from hell since I failed the first one. And I tried (I thought about calling the OB office to let them know but my relationship with the office staff hasn’t been on the most un-rocky footing this time around, and I was afraid they’d roll their eyes through the phone and tell me to come in anyways), and everything came back up before the one hour mark, and I walked out of the doctor’s office with my clothes covered in glucose and another appointment of doom scheduled for next week.

+ Also, late yesterday morning, Audrey mysteriously broke out in large hives from her face to her legs leaving me thinking WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! Again in to see the doctor, but no definitive answers yet. *sigh*

I don’t even know where I’m going with this- I have no profound spiritual insight or new found grasp on peace to share- except to say I know a bunch of people have blogged lately about familial sickness and I have a plethora of solidarity for you. Feeble fist-bump from the illness trenches.