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Although things have been a bit helter skelter in our house the last couple of weeks, there were a lot of bright moments during our Easter.

+ Even though Tim wasn’t able to make Holy Thursday Mass and I didn’t get out of the house for the adoration afterwards, each of us still held vigil (in a small way) during the night with a feverish Heidi. I guess it was a little reminder from God that our duties can be offerings if we let them (something I am so awful about!).

+ We also missed out on the traditional family trek to the Franciscan Monastery on Good Friday but my parents kindly took Evie with them. They said she had a great time (and was well-behaved- always the biggest relief to hear, right?), and I’m so glad she was able to have grandparent one-on-one time. She also gifted each sister a stuffed animal that she picked out in the gift shop…it was sweet to witness the giving session. :)

DSC_1457+ Egg dyeing on Holy Saturday wasn’t a crazy-fest at all (like sugar cookie baking at Christmas…). The girls had fun and my stress level was low- win, win. ;)CSC_1472DSC_1456

+ I want to start documenting what I put in Easter baskets and Christmas stockings since I can never remember from year to year! For the older girls: coloring supplies, small chocolate bunny (thank you, Wegmans, for keeping parental sanity in mind!), books for mass, seed packets, Holy Heroes CD (A), Brother Francis DVD (E), gardening gloves (A), and dresses for their dolls sent several months ago from their grandma. Heidi got a bath toy, mass book, ball for the backyard, and even smaller chocolate bunny. (Naturally the older girls liked the bath toy best of all.)


+ We had my family over for brunch after going to early Mass. Everyone else graciously took care of most of the food and it was all so good. I love to eat.

Not pictured- the stars of breakfast: kielbasa and bacon

Not pictured- the stars of breakfast: kielbasa and bacon


DSC_1462 DSC_1463 DSC_1469 DSC_1471 (2)

+ I felt so bad that Evie’s Easter dress and shoes were both too big on her but she didn’t say a thing about it. And then I had to laugh watching her during the egg hunt because with her boots she looked like she was channeling a Little House on the Prairie character.DSC_1479 DSC_1481 DSC_1476 DSC_1475

+ Heidi was too cute during the egg hunt- she knew exactly what to do and loved carrying that bucket around. Future purse carrier for sure. :)