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Audrey (sits down to “read” a book to her doll): “God told Noah NOT to eat the apple but he ate it anyway.”

While making a visit at church, Me: Is there anything you’d like to say to Jesus?

Audrey: Yes. Pwease, dear Lord, pwease don’t let our bunk bed fall over. Amen.DSC_1447

Somehow ending bath time on the subject of heaven, Me: So, God wants us to be up in heaven with Him forever.

Evie:….and Canada is up there and Alaska…


Evie sits herself down during quiet time and solemnly begins to relay The Passion story to me: And they found a bush of forns and made a crown out of it and put it on Jesus’ head and drips of blood came down. And then, they went to the cross store and found the biggest cross and made Him carry it…0403161631

Audrey (sadly): I can’t fly. But soon up in heaven I will fly.

Audrey (during night prayers): And Saint- I don’t know her name. Who’s the saint who is hungry?0406160742-2


Me: Audrey, who is our pope?

Audrey: Saint Francis.


Evie: Mom, why do angels always wear feet?0406160742a


Audrey (on Mary’s birthday): Mary’s blowing out her candles in heaven!


Me: Evie, who did you play with at school today?
Evie: I played in Home Living wif Elizabeth…clarifies which one…she’s not a saint.
Evie (singing): “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, king compassion gloooory.”0203161026a
Tim: Audrey can I just love you?
Audrey: NO!
Tim: But why not?
Audrey: You cannot. Because somebody else is loving me!
Tim: Who?
Audrey: God!