It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any thirifting finds, so I thought I’d share some from the last several months. There’s a new to me thrift store that I’ve been to twice in the last few months and ohmygoodness it is my kind of second-hand place- the space is fairly large, everything is organized by size and type of clothing, there are rows of displayed hats that make me want to become a hat lady and rows of scarves that make me want to buy one of every color and accessorize until kingdom come…

Scarves for days...

Scarves for days

Anyways it’s a nice departure from the tiny (but cute!), close-by thrift shop I like to browse.

Lately I’ve found a handful of picture frames which makes me so happy because they are insanely cheaper second-hand! The one below was (I think) $2 and still in the $19.99 packaging (my pre-married self is sorely regretting paying more than twenty for a frame to enshrine our 8×10 wedding photos).0310161637a-2

This one was so hard to walk away from- a Banana Republic blazer with tags still attached! It fit well but I just couldn’t justify buying it when I don’t need another blazer. Also, I was drawing a blank when I tried to think of how/ when a polka dot blazer would be worn…0229161118

Not quite *thrifting* but I came across this vintage leather camera bag(!!!) in an antique store. I would’ve snagged it if I was sure my camera would fit…and if it were about $40 cheaper. ;) Looking at it just makes me think of a carefree summer traipsing about Europe. 0328161113a

When I saw this banquet-style seat I thought it might work for our kitchen and immediately started having Pinterest hallucinations of that room looking something like…


The end seats even have concealed storage spaces!

this:French antique chairs + plush banquette.:


or this:cozy kitchen breakfast nook:


And then the thrift dust cleared and I remembered that we don’t even have a proper kitchen table much less the budget to transform part of our kitchen into a cozy breakfast nook…still it’s always fun to consider the possibilities. ;)

Lastly I thought this crate was neat in a vintage/ rustic sort of way:

0402161108 0402161108a

I didn’t buy it, but do you ever see something home decor related and feel like you’ve seen that sort of thing all over the place (well, on Pinterest at least) however you can’t exactly pin down (ha) how you would use it in your home? Anyways, maybe someone will use it on a front porch with some potted plants or something. :)

One purchase I did make was a camel-colored winter coat but I absentmindedly deleted all the pictures. Womp, womp. I had all three girls with me when I bought it in the store (you know those times when you have mere milliseconds to make decisions? And no mirror?), so when I got home I was a little disappointed to find out it was a larger pre-pregnancy size than what I was originally looking for but since I can still button it at 30 weeks pregnant- thrifting ftw!