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Buying…gender neutral baby outfits since we decided not to find out the baby’s gender this time around. Not knowing has me 3/4 taking the surprise in stride and 1/4 “eeek!” because how do I fully prepare for the fact that we might have a boy after three girls???0414160957a-2

Cooking- In the last month I’ve re-purposed food for meals three times which is HUGE for me. I’m definitely of the “just reheat and serve” mind when it comes to leftovers, so if we happen to have Costco portions of meat it feels like we eat it for days and barely make a dent in finishing it off (or before it spoils…).

I felt like a right proper chef when I used:

Leg of lamb –> pseudo Gyros (used a Greek marinade recipe I had on hand- no tzatziki sauce or feta to glam it up but homemade pita is never not good)

Pork medallions–> carnitas soft tacos (this marinade recipe was so tasty!)

Rotisserie chicken–> fajitas (marinated in this)

Feeling…like once I make that initial OB appointment at the beginning of pregnancy everything from that point until delivery is on their terms (the office’s) and my life is supposed to revolve around OB appointments and restrictions. That kind of mentality makes me bristle; lately after having to schedule extra appointments and being told I need to follow-up with additional healthcare professionals I felt thisclose to echoing the grocery store scene from Father of the Bride when Steve Martin has had enough of people coming to him with wedding bills and yells, “George Banks is saying NO!

Father Of The Bride - “Well they’re not ripping of this nitwit anymore, George Banks is saying NO!” “who’s George Banks?” “ME!”

But maybe that wouldn’t go over too well in real life…(and clearly I’ve been a peach to live with the last seven months)

Reading- One of the first blogs I ever started to follow was Mallory’s. She stopped blogging for a while, then started writing via a FB page, and now is back to blogging (the site isn’t working but it’s The Life Transparent on Patheos). At a time when it seems like the blogging community has thinned out it’s nice to encounter blogger “reboots”. :)

Grateful for…being able to attend my grandpa’s funeral mass and burial. Three of my siblings from out-of-state and some of their kids even came, so it was a blessing to have lots of family gathered. And thanks to Tim’s quick thinking I was able to follow the caisson to the burial site…pushing two of the girls in the large and in charge double stroller. I felt a little silly but there’s no way the girls could have walked that far, so it worked out. :P I hadn’t been to a military burial service since I was very young and was especially amazed by all the military personnel (there’s probably a proper word for that!) who assist the many funerals- they probably don’t even know it but they’re performing incredible works of mercy day in and day out!0406161325a-2 0406161350-2-2

My mom says my aunt is the Pied Piper with the nieces and nephews and she's totally right- they love her!

My mom says my aunt is the Pied Piper with the nieces and nephews and she’s totally right- they love her!

Enjoying…SUN! And WARM DAYS! I filled the little bucket of water for the girls to rinse their hands after their popscicles and somehow it became a water/beach toy play session. But, hey, I am fine with simple pleasures!0418161734b-2

Also, you can tell by the girls’ choice of footwear for that 80+ degree day that we’re still not quite used to warm temps yet. ;)

Have a good one!