One thing I’ve been looking forward to for months was going to a nearby pick-your-own field for tulip season. I don’t have a lengthy list of outings to go on before the baby comes but this place was at the top, with WE ARE GOING NO MATTER WHAT status.DSC_1511


There were a few days of 80 degree weather that hit not long after the farm opened for the season, which withered some of the tulips a bit, but they were still beautiful and so vibrant! Last year one of the employees told me they were going to plant something like half a million bulbs (or maybe more? Anyways, a lot!)!



There was a field of daffodils too…DSC_1515 DSC_1523


You pay admission to get in but I’d say the included jumping pad was definitely worth the price! My mom, sister, and niece joined us, too, which made for a fun afternoon.DSC_1532


One big oversight on my part was telling the girls that we were going to a flower-picking farm and NOT communicating to them that it wasn’t the same as, say, the dandelion picking free-for-alls that ensue every single place we go. SO even though I didn’t intend for us to cut any daffodils, our basket ended up with several daffodil heads right off the bat.

Then once we meandered over to the tulip fields I had a couple of eager beavers plucking tulips at random as I issued instructions in a strained voice to please wait until an adult could help! and, we have to pay for what we pick so please only three each! You can guess how well that went over…  

Fortunately flowers are pretty no matter their stem length and we weren’t reprimanded at the checkout for not adhering to the picking guidelines. *phew*
CSC_1592 DSC_1552


I really thought this would be a great time to get cute pictures of all three girls together (ha!) but heat + postponed naptimes + one kiddo emphatically telling me I could not take her picture all added up to a big fat NO. Also any pictures I managed to snap were on the fly and not at a leisurely pace like I had hoped. This outing was definitely a reminder that it isn’t all about me and my agenda or wants.

DSC_1569 DSC_1573 DSC_1574 DSC_1577 DSC_1581DSC_1517 DSC_1589

Altogether it was still a great day and afterwards the older girls were talking about the fun they had, so that counts for something. ;)

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