0418161151a_HDR-2I’ve always loved discussing baby name ideas, anytime anywhere. Way back in 5th and 6th grade some friends and I even wrote our favorite future boy/ girl names down (right along with pictures we drew of our future prom dresses and, of course, the occasional MASH). I had a good laugh recently while looking at those name papers which are pasted into my first Scrapbook (I was going to post a picture of them but I’ve used up all of my media storage, sayeth WordPress. :( )

When I came across Kate’s blog– all about Catholic baby naming- I thought her focus was so fun and unique! If you haven’t visited yet you should take a look- there’s a plethora of information and insight on innumerable names. She graciously did a baby name consultation for us which you can check out here. With my due date almost a month away the fact that we haven’t come close to settling on any names is making me a little…unsettled.  ;) (For me the big hangup is all the possible combinations with names we like + no front-runners we really LOVE.) Pleasepleaseplease feel free to chime in and send any ideas or inspiration our way!