Challenge Day 8

Today’s challenge was to dress up a coat.  So many of the participants had fabulous bows and brooches added to their coats, and the end results looked great! I decided to wear my red coat today since I haven’t used it much this winter. I wish I had a colorful scarf to add something fun to the look, but since nothing matched I went with a hat, necklace, & bag. I feel hats are pretty forgiving and an easy go-to when it comes to bad hair/ no style hair days, so there we go!

Hat: from TJ Maxx

Coat: Nine West

Sweater: AT Loft

Necklace: Hand-me-down

Jeans: from Kohls

Boots: Sonoma

Bag: Nine West via TJ Maxx


2 thoughts on “Challenge Day 8”

  1. Stop. I want to raid your closet!!!

  2. I think I have that same hat! And your coat is gorgeous!!

    Freckles in April

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