Style Challenge & Pants-Free link-ups

Joining Kayla for her Style Challenge, and Rosie for her Pants-Free link-up!

Kayla’s challenge prompt was:

Take something from your inspiration board and do it.

So after perusing my Pinterest board, here’s the inspiration photo I settled on:

Style challenge


The self-timer on our camera was being hideously obnoxious, without regard for the fact that nap time is my only short window to snap pictures! So here’s what I managed to get:

(O-kay, I accidentally deleted the original photo, but this was pretty much the outfit with a different necklace and sandals.)


To add a little something more I’d accessorize with this bracelet:


Outfit info:

Shirt: Old Navy

Dress: H&M (ages old)

Sandals: Sole Society

This dress is great for hot weather and I like the floral print but it poofs out on all sides, so I pretty much only use it for maternity garb. BUT I think the knotted shirt helps tame it down.

That’s all! Head on over to Rosie’s and Kayla’s for some outfit inspiration.


6 thoughts on “Style Challenge & Pants-Free link-ups”

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  2. That skirt is beautiful. You nailed the look. Well done!

  3. Beautiful outfit! And beautiful new header too!

  4. Beautiful!! Chambray + floral is the best.

  5. Love it! I definitely think the shirt helps tame the poof, and the color combo is great! Thanks for linking up :)

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