Summer Look [Polyvore]

I had never heard of Polyvore before I joined Pinterest, but HELLO! Put together a look with any items of clothing you want, all in one sitting? Yes please. However I admit I am a tad intimidated by all the selections of clothing, accessories etc. you can choose from, and all of the two times I’ve attempted to “create” outfits it has taken me a huge chunk of time. That being said, here’s a look I like for summer:

Simple, basic, cute.

I love the stripes and comfy jeans shorts . I’ll have to keep my eye out for some like this. Rainbows flip-flops are the only thing in this outfit I own, but I would wear them all summer long if I could! I’ve had my current pair for almost 4 years and I’ve worn them hither, thither, and yon.


Patmos, Greece

*I generally do not photograph my lower extremities or feet apparel. Maybe it was  vacation mode that inspired compelled the shots?

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